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Pomme frites, or French fries as we call them in the U.S., are the featured item on Frites Street’s menu. Frites Street takes the classic preparation of using thick cut, double-fried French fries to the next level, elevating pomme frites to the center of attention. Each serving of pomme frites represents the hours of time it takes to prepare the perfect, crispy on the outside, tender in the center French fry. For the food enthusiast, chef or restaurant who demands even more, Frites Street offers four different frites sizes for guests at some of the most popular restaurants to indulge in.

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Frites Street offers chefs and restaurants a fry like no other. We offer the highest quality potato available in four cuts, soaked in a proprietary brine, deep fried and delivered to your door. These are frites to satisfy every palate.

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We know you won’t be able to resist these gourmet pomme frites when you check out photos from Frites Street!

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Frites Street does samplings! We’ll bring by a 2-lb bag of fries for to your kitchen to fry up and taste.

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