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Pig & Pickle

1 Check-in

Always great food & great vibes! My friends and I usually sit at the bar and order take out. I also get the tostada with the fries. Never disappoints me EVER!!! The fries come with duck fat dipping sauce might sound gross but think again, cause it’s amazing.


Had an amazing barrel-aged cocktail here, along with a creative and flavorful meal- the pickle platter was the perfect appetizer for our sandwiches, and the fries were seriously the best I’ve ever had!


We were staying in Tempe for a couple of weeks before we tried this place, and wish we’d found it sooner. Friendly, dog-loving, patio space and gourmet foods. I had the pot roast Sammie, she had the Cuban. They pickle their own pickles and bake their own breads. They get their friesfrom a local food truck until their late night menu starts (which Brings duck fat fries in tow). We really hope to make it back one day, but you should definitely try it.


This place is fantastic. Gastro pub extraordinaire. Really great service and the food is very very good. I love how late they’re open. We got the burger and it was sensational. They definitely use quality ingredients. I would recommend this place and I will be returning for sure. The duck fat fries are a must


I am struggling with 4 or 5 stars here. I settled on 4 because I am not entirely sold on all aspects of this place but I will be back. First, THE best fries I have ever had. My friend had them with pate over them and I had them with pork belly – both with a nice aioli. I didn’t try the pate because my friend didn’t seem keen on sharing. She said she obsesses over it and has been there several times for it. I enjoyed the crisp pork belly and those insane fries. I also shared the bread and cheese platter and it was very good – excellent bread! The cocktails were fantastic! I tried the Brussels but decided that I am not a fan of cheese with Brussels…theirs have Asiago on them. And the menu seemed a bit limited to me but I am picky and they don’t allow substitutions.

Staff was really friendly, cute place, and I am looking forward to another visit!

Stock & Stable


Stopped in for a happy hour the other day. Not very many food options on the happy hour menu. They did have a burger and fries option for $8 and that is what I went for. The burger was pretty good, nothing super special but the fries were very crispy. My wife ordered their chicken and mint salad and that had really good flavor. It was basically like a chinese chicken salad, very good. We also got a side of the pesto mac n cheese. Pretty cheesy and had good flavor overall. Drinks were delicious. Their specialty cocktails are very balanced and not too sweet. Would definitely return to try some more things on the menu. Entrees are not cheap though so plan on spending some extra money here.


I had a new work colleague in town and I was driving around trying to find Joyride Tacos without my phone for its GPS. We found Stock and Stable, and on the spur of the moment, we went in and grabbed a couple of beers and some food. I couldn’t believe what a knowledgeable waitress we got on the beer department – and she recommended a sour that was just out of this world. Then, I tried a burger and fries and it was the best thing I’d eaten all week. Their fries are fat and full of parmesan, crispy on the outside and soft like mashed potatoes on the inside. Unique! The burger was to die for. My colleague had some kind of salad and she was raving about how good it was. We thought it was a cool vibe and we’re so happy to have run into the place. Midway through our meal, the GM brought over the beer and spoke to us — super nice guy, not the normal “Everything OK?” question, but a real conversation. I would say that this place is going to be on our list as a go-to destination from now on!


Just had the Crispy Chicken Sandwich with fries. Sooo good, the batter was just as described on the menu and the fries were delicious. Waiter was super cool and explained the menu very well. Multiple waiters and waitresses stopped by just to check in… group effort. Would definitely return…. like tomorrow lol.

1 Check-in

Had lunch here yesterday and the staff was very friendly. The food was excellent, we had the Chicken and Mint Salad and the Grilled Cheeseburger.The fries were delicious. They have a second bar upstairs that is opened at night that we got to see. I have not seen anything like it in Phoenix. We will definitely be back for a drink and dinner

1 Check-in

Camping with friends. The burger and fries were cooked perfectly. The “LAZY SUNDAY” Beverage was delicious. Looking forward to coming back soon.


We were looking to find a place to have a few drinks, snacks, and games to kill time on a lazy Sunday funday afternoon. Camp Social was the perfect place for all of the above!

I loved the ambiance, it had a very nostalgic camp-themed vibe with the ability to roast your own marshmallows for s’mores and to chillax with a drink on some tire swings or inside a camper trailer. Btw, I loved their fries! Their recreational room consisted of 2 arcade games (Pac-Man and a hunting game), jumbo-sized connect 4, jumbo-sized jenga, and my favorite….shuffle board!! It was not crowded at all on a Sunday afternoon and we had a great time!! Definitely a good place to go for games since The Yard oftentimes gets crowded.

1 Check-in

Finally stopped in for a late lunch at this new place in our neighborhood. First, we noticed how well done the camping theme is done…comfortable and charming. Two vintage-style trailers tricked out, one as the hostess station, one as a big banquette. Tire-swing seats at the bar, ice chests as cocktail tables on the patio, wooden canoe light fixture…fun! We like to sit at a bar to drink and we really liked this big U-shaped bar. The bartender, Josh, came right over, leaned in with friendly eye contact and talked to us about the drink offerings and the menu. The food options are interesting and well-priced. We both ordered burgers. I’m a big fan of a good burger and this was among the best I’ve had in some time. My partner agreed. Nice soft, fresh bun and juicy, beefy meat with great flavor. AND great fries! Very nice portion. A great place to take a seat in, great service and good food! We’ll be back!

Left Coast Burritos


I normally order chicken burritos instead of carne asada, but they put french fries in it and I was sold. They don’t skimp on the meat, and the tortillas and salsa are great, too. Me likey the Left Coast food truck.


Loved it!!!! Super delicious I got the Josie and the guys hooked it up super chill group and make excellent burritos!!! Recommend the Josie to anyone who loves French fries! French fries + carne Asada +SOME GOOD SAUCE= A heavenly burrito experience you won’t regret!!! Thanks fellas the burrito was F***ing AMAZE BALLS!


First time trying Left Coast Burrito. Split the Area 54 burrito (sans rice) and the carne asada fries with my friend. Both were FABULOUS! I’ll be hitting this truck up again when it comes near my hood.

What our Partners Have to say about Frites Street

“We loved using Frite St fries. They are consistently crunchy fries that are soft and tender on the inside. Superior to any other fries on the market. Customer service was top notch. Flip helped on several occasions to meet tough deadlines. If I was running a restaurant, I wouldn’t consider using another fry. Why settle for silver when you can have gold”

– Brent Kille | Former Sous Chef, Okra and Crudo


“There is nothing I can say bad about Frites Street…their fries are always consistent and Flip is always willing to help us out, whether is a last minute order or a Friday night delivery. I will not buy fries from any other company.”

– Nick Kubisch (Moose) | Pig & Pickle


“It’s not a question of whether or not you’re going to have French fries on your menu. It’s a question of, are you going to have the best fries on your menu?

– Kelly Fletcher


“Consistency, always blanched in clean oil…Frites Street get the best kennebecs, brines it correctly and delivers a superior product to any other fry on the market.”

– Keenan Bosworth | Owner & Chef Pig & Pickle

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