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In 2010 Flip was hired as a member of the opening staff for a Phoenix restaurant. As a die-hard food enthusiast, he had an instant interest in the food and ingredients of the new establishment, and committed to exploring the different foods of the world to learn more.

Over the next five years, Flip continued his career in the music industry, on-tour with a number of bands in locations all around the world. But in 2014 Flip returned to Phoenix with a goal to realize his long-time dream of opening a food truck – and since no matter what city or country you visit, everyone loves french fries – the fare for the truck was clear!

He couldn’t stop there, however, because a true lover of food would never be satisfied with your run-of-the-mill fried potato stick, so the hunt began for the perfect french fry preparation. The french fry settled on was the classic Belgian pomme frites (pronounced kind of like “pom freet”; it’s just a fancy term for french fries). The thick cut batons are double fried to give the exterior a satisfying crunch, while preserving the fluffy goodness of the potato inside.

Once the ultimate french fry had been attained, he could have left well-enough alone, but he knew there was more to offer. He set about creating a menu of french fry toppings unlike those seen anywhere else: slow braised meats, scratch sauces, pickled vegetables, and fresh produce, expertly combined, and served atop a hearty portion of their trademark “golden brown delicious” frites, to satisfy even the most demanding palate.

In 2016, the decision was made to expand their frites following and reach even more food enthusiasts by offering their amazing frites to local chefs and restaurants. Now, Frites Street can be found in many of the most popular restaurants in the valley.

Flip Isard

Frites Master

Phillip “Flip” Isard is a Phoenix native who was raised to be a purveyor of amazing local food. When he was just 12 years old, Flip attended his first cooking class taught by local Chef Justin Beckett.  It was that class that secured Flip’s love of food and cooking and inspired him to expand his knowledge of the food and restaurant industry.  Over the years, Flip worked in a number of kitchens and restaurants in both back of house and front of house positions.  At age 18, Flip was offered the opportunity of a lifetime to work in the music industry and tour with some of the top rock and metal bands in the world.  As a food enthusiast, this provided Flip with the opportunity to explore the different culinary scenes around the globe.  After traveling the world for almost ten years, and seeing how the street food culture in other cities and countries was a respected industry, he knew that opening a food truck in his hometown of Phoenix was the perfect plan. He started serving at The Gladly upon his return, and his experience from traveling the world, combined with the amazing mentoring of owners Bernie and Andrew, Braden and Flip developed the Frites Street business model and were ready to launch their company.

Flip’s love of food and alluring personality comes together in a perfect hybrid as the front man of Frites Street!

Joshua Hebert

Head Frites Taster

Arizona raised, Chef Herbert became enamored with food at an early age. By the time he graduated highschool, Joshua landed a spot at Tarbell’s, which had just opened its doors in central Phoenix. He spent five years at Tarbell’s developing his skills until his thirst for knowledge and curiousity for seasonal ingredients took him to San Fransisco. Joshua worked at the world famous Zuni Cafe Kati, and days off were spend studying wine at Hayes and Vine wine bar. Soon after, the owner of Cafe Kati sent him to Japan to open Cafe California, a Tokyo offshoot of Cafe Kati in Miyako Hotel. Upon his return stateside, Joshua took the job as Executive Chef at his old Stomping grounds Tarbell’s, which was followed by stints as Executive Chef @ Kirkland Commons and Dual Restaurant in Gilbert. He opened POSH Restaurant on New Year’s Eve 2008, and has been refining the concept since, hiring the finest group of professionals in the Valley.

After 5 years of successful ramen nights at Posh, Chef Joshua opened Hot Noodles, Cold Sake, a Japanese Sake and Ramen bar in north Scottsdale.

Joshua Resides in Scottsdale with his wife and his two herding dogs. When not at POSH improvisational Cuisine Resturaunt, he can be found on the golf course, playing with his dogs, or substitute teaching at East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) culinary program.

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined.

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